Missions of the Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a congressionally chartered, non-profit organization that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF). CAP performs three congressionally mandated key missions: emergency services, aerospace  education, and cadet programs for teenage youth. 

CAP also performs non-auxiliary missions for various governmental and private agencies. Examples might include a missing persons search for local law enforcement or critical supply transport for the American Red Cross.

Cadet Programs

CAP cadets are those members who join between their 12th and 18th birthday. Cadets who turn 18 may either become a Senior Member or remain a cadet until 21 at their own discretion. Young adults joining at the age of 18 can choose to be a Cadet or Senior Member.

Cadets are guided through five elements that make up the CAP cadet experience.

  • Leadership
  • Aerospace Education
  • Physical Fitness
  • Character Development
  • Activities

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services consists of but may not be limited to missions involving Search And Rescue (by air and ground), Disaster Relief, Homeland Security and other public assistance related concerns.

Many missions are in support of persons in distress and our highest priority is to ensure missions are conducted safely, competently, expeditiously, and in a professional manner.

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Aerospace Education

The objective of Aerospace Education is to teach future generations about the skills, knowledge, and endless possibilities of aerospace.

We use flight simulators, model rockets, RC aircraft, and so much more as a part of the demonstrations allowing members and the public to interact and see the theories and concepts of aerospace at work. Come engage in some of the most interesting lessons you may ever find.

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